5 weeks to go!

I haven’t posted much about my pregnancy and I feel so bad for not doing so. My pregnancy has been great. The first 4 months I threw up every day but that is over and I feel great for the most part. At night I get really uncomfortable and have to move around constantly. My back hurt for a couple of weeks but nothing unbearable.

So here lately I have been going to the doctor for fetal heart checks on Luke, just the normal check ups. Brooke has gone with me on most all of these. She loves my doctor and the staff at her office. Brooke get a sticker and a sucker every time. I think this is why Brooke enjoys going! Today was my 35 week check up and while we were in the room waiting on my doctor Brooke got out the play stethoscope to check Luke’s heart beat herself. After she checked it, she said “sounds good.” Then she got the play blood pressure cuff out and checked my blood pressure. It would only fit on my wrist but she didn’t seem to know the difference. According to her my blood pressure was great!

Checking Luke's heart beat

When my doctor came in, she saw what Brooke was doing and let Brooke be her assistant. She got to help measure my tummy and then got hear Luke’s actual heart beat. She was so cute and I loved that she was concerned with my heath and wanted to make sure I was doing alright. Love this sweet little girl of mine!!! Only 5 more weeks till this sweet little Luke comes and joins our family!

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