Party Day

Today was apparently a great day for parties! Brooke was invited to 2 birthday parties today and so our day was filled with PARTYING! Her first party was her sweet little friend Camden from her mother day out class last year. Camden is such a sweet little girl and Brooke loves to play with her any chance she gets. Her birthday party was fairy themed and very cute! Every little girl got a wand and head piece to be dressed like a fairy.

Cami and Brooke

playing the fairy wand game

Our second birthday party was for Sam and Anna. These 2 kids are the children of our friends from high school. It is so cool to still hang out with people you grew up with and have known for years. To see our friends have kids, watch their kids grow up and celebrate their birthdays is very cool and we are blessed to be a part of it all. This party was superhero themed so Brooke chose to dress like Superman(woman). She loves to pretend like she is flying and have her daddy fly her around the room. This happened before and after the party! Brooke had a great at Sam and Anna’s party by be dressed up, making a mask, shooting the villains with silly string and acting like she was strong picking up the pretend 1,000lb weight.

flying through the sky

defeating the evil villains

so strong

she loves nachos too, just like her mommy

her mask that she and daddy made together

Sam and Brooke, don't they look excited!

Our sweet little superhero

I have said it many times before but we are truly blessed with amazing friends and are so thankful to celebrate their birthdays with them.

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February 13, 2012 at 9:25 pm | Link

We are so glad you could come! Samuel had so much fun with Brooke! Can’t wait to meet your new little super hero!

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