Heart Pepperoni Pizza

I found a really cute idea to make pizza for Valentine’s Day and have the pepperoni’s heart shaped. Since I asked Brandon to cook steak for me on Valentine’s Day I knew I had to make the pizza another day. I bought some pepperoni’s at central market and used a tiny heart cookie cutter for the hearts. Brooke and I cut one heart out of each of the pepperoni’s. She loved doing this with me. She would eat a few of the hearts we cut out and then would also give some to Daddy. Such a sweet girl. The pizza turned out great and I think it looked very cute!

Cut hearts out of your pepperoni!

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Anna Williamson
February 15, 2012 at 4:35 pm | Link

We used pizza dough and a large heart cookie-cutter and made calzones! 🙂 They were DELICIOUS. I also chopped up the pepperoni so it would fill the calzone more and be easier to bite!

For dinner we had steak and heart-shaped fries!

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