Future Veterinarian

Today, was occupation day at Brooke’s playschool. We asked her what she wanted to dress up like and she said doctor. I then asked her a doctor for people or a doctor for animals. She of course said animals. I then told her those people are called veterinarians. We practiced that word a few times and then stuck with “vet.” I figured she would remember vet easier. She looked so cute in her outfit. Her animal of choice was her new kitty, Snowflake, that she got for Valentine’s from our friends the Spachholz. Brandon came up with the idea to put her in a Texas A&M shirt, since they of course have the best Vet school and since Baylor doesn’t have one, haha. There is no telling what Brooke will grow up to be. We just pray for her to make wise choices and that God will one day lead her into the career he desires for her! But as for today, she was a vet and looked so dang cute.

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