Getting Settled In

Once we got into my room (407)we had to snap a few pictures. Here is our first picture as a family of four!

Our family of 4!

I knew I wanted Brooke to have a Big Sister shirt and Luke to have a Little Brother shirt that sort of matched or went well together! I decided to make them myself and I think they turned out great!!

Once we got settled in a few visitors came by. We loved having our family and friends coming by to see us! Uncle Preston and Aunt Rachel could not be in Texas with us and were sad they could not be there. We decided to do a video chat with them so they could see Luke over the computer! It was so nice to see them and even though they couldn’t there I am so glad we go to share this experience. The family and friends who did come by to see us or who called or texted us, we are so thankful for!

Brooke, Carrie and Luke! Sweet Cousin Picture!

Kayla and Sean holding Luke!

Sadie and Luke

A couple of our visitors we had were our entertainment! Miller and Janie came by and were just that. Miller could not fit the latex glove on his head so he convinced Janie to do it herself. I thought my incision was going to bust open at how hard I was laughing, I had to try so hard to hold my laugh back. They are so funny and truly amazing friends of ours!

Our entertainment!

The proud grandparents. My kids are blessed with wonderful grandparents. We could not have asked for better parents for ourselves and grandparents for our kids!

Of course we had to snap a few pictures of just Luke. I just think he is the cutest little boy ever!

My sweet kids! Crazy that we have 2 kids now! We are truly blessed by God!!

My sweet Luke. Look at those eyes!

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Rachel Krauska
March 9, 2012 at 9:42 pm | Link

AWWW! love these pics! especially love the last one to see his eyes open! love you all so much! hope these first few days at home go well! Enjoy this time!!

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