Luke’s First Bottle

Luke has been getting fussy during some of his feedings so I knew it had to be reflux. Brooke had reflux when she was a newborn and he was acting the same. We took him to the doctor and he prescribe us some medicine for reflux to see if that would help. I also wanted to try a bottle to see if that would help him as well. I think it’s so neat and wonderful to see my husband feed our kids. Spending face to face time with our children is priceless and one I enjoy watching my husband do. Brooke also wanted to help feed Luke and so she got to be a great big sister and help as well. Luke did awesome and took the bottle with no problem! Hopefully the medicine will help and we can wing him off of it soon!

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Rachel Krauska
March 31, 2012 at 8:42 pm | Link

Aww, so sweet! I love how Brooke’s face just lights up when she gets to help with her brother! Sweet sibling love 🙂

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