Road Trip

This weekend we were headed to Austin Texas for a friends wedding. This trip is Luke’s first road trip and I was so looking forward to a weekend away! We got all packed up and began driving. On the way to Austin stopped at Baylor University. I love driving through Waco and seeing all the Baylor signs, flags, and car decals. It reminds me how fun and enjoyable college was for me. So when we get to stop at Baylor for a visit, I enjoy every minute of it. This was also Luke’s first visit to Baylor. We got to visit the bears, stand on the star to hear our echo, which Brooke Loved, and shop at the bookstore!

In front of Pat Neff!

After our visit to Baylor we of course stopped at Vitek’s for lunch then headed to Austin. Brooke was so excited about staying the night at the hotel. She had to ask me several times what it was called becasue she would forget. She kept calling it a hospital but knew that was wrong then would ask, what is is called again mommy. She was excited about the hotel becasue Daddy booked one that had an indoor heated pool. She was so excited about swimming. Once we got there we went swimming then got ready for the wedding. The wedding was beautiful and it was great to see old friends.

The wedding venue.

My sweet Luke at the wedding.

My precious Brooke.

These caterpillars were everywhere.

I love them!

Accordion player at the wedding.

Aaron, the groom and his groomsmen.

The Bride and Groom

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April 20, 2012 at 5:59 pm | Link

I LOVE the picturs at Baylor – Luke looks so relaxed!! I know that Brooke enjoyed seeing the Bears!
Really great pictures!

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