Let’s go for a ride!

Today my mom got Brooke, Luke and I this all in one stroller that you can either push, run with or mount on the back of your bike! Since today was so beautiful outside I took the kids on 2 rides behind the bike. Luke is still small and this doesn’t lean back so we had to be creative. The first time I just positioned the arm padding’s around his head the second time I took them off and used his head support for the car seat and it worked perfect! Either way he loved them both! It is defiantly a workout to pull two kids behind your bike but I enjoyed every minute of it. Brooke and Luke loved the bike ride and I can’t wait to take them on more! Brooke was so cute in the stroller, she would hold Luke’s hand or have their arms crossed during the whole ride. I am in love with the fact that she loves her baby brother and Luke really seems to love her back!

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April 25, 2012 at 5:08 pm | Link

Glad the bicycle carrier worked out for you!
So happy we bought it yesterday so you all could enjoy it with the
beautiful weather we are having!!!

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