Daddy’s Conference

This week Brandon was at his jobs conference in Plano. They put him in a hotel for the week, so the kids and I decided to join him! Brooke stayed with my mom Monday night and then went to Mothers Day out on Tuesday. So, while Brooke was at school, Luke and I went to Daddy’s conference to watch him play guitar. He was in the worship band for the conference and did amazing! That afternoon, after Brooke got out of school she joined Luke and I. Brooke got to watch Daddy play guitar on Wednesday and was so excited. We had a great week hanging out with his co workers and staying out in Plano.

Brooke being a Ninja, you can't really see her in this picture can you?

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Rachel Krauska
May 5, 2012 at 10:47 am | Link

Cool, GO BRANDON! I think it’s so awesome he is able to work for an organization like that! I LOVE this picture of Luke! He is starting to turn into himself 🙂 what a cutie! Autumn, i think he looks like you!!

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