2 months old

I really think time goes by quicker when you have children. They grow up so fast! Luke is now 2 months old and is just a little cutie in my eyes. Brooke loves her little brother and had to join in on the picture taking. I put Luke in a bear costume and so she chose a costume for herself and wanted a picture with Luke. I love my kids and I cherish every moment I have with them.

Yeah, I am number 1!!!

Oh that smile!

Luke Bear

My little Chicken and Bear!

Sweet Brother and Sister

I love my kids!

My Sweet Luke,
You are 2 months old now and just as cute as ever. Some people say you look like me but Daddy found a picture of himself at your age and you look just like him. Even though you look like Daddy, I will take every comment about how you look like me because I just think you are too darn cute! You have found your hands and try and put them in your mouth. I do not want you to be a thumb sucker, so I pull them down constantly. you don’t really seem to mind as long as I give you your pacifier in exchange! You also coo so much. You love to carry on conversations with me, Daddy and Brooke. You smile so much, and of course it is the cutest smile ever. It melts my heart when I smile at you and you smile back at Mommy. You love to be held, especially by Mommy. When you are in your car seat you like to be moving. When you are still you get fussy and want to move again or be held. You have chunky little legs and arms that are just adorable and you are growing so fast. A couple of nights you have slept for 7 hours and this makes Mommy and Daddy very happy! During the day you love to sleep on your tummy or be held of course. You are my sweet little boy and I love you so much!!!!



Rachel Krauska
May 8, 2012 at 5:54 am | Link

Such sweet pictures!! These are the first pics I’ve seen where i actually think he resembles brooke & brandon a bit but I still think he looks more like you… we’ll see! Adorable nonetheless!!! LOVE the chicken costume and I love how completely happy and proud brooke looks whenever she is holding him! I love my niece and nephew!! 🙂

Gerry Puglisi
May 9, 2012 at 12:34 pm | Link

You have some great pictures here. He is growing fast and I love his smile! Happy to see Miss Brooke adjusting so well to having a baby brother too.

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