Arabian Horse Show

So, since we bought our horse “Cash” I not only wanted to ride him but had hopes of showing again. Today that dream came true for me. After 12 years of not being on a horse or showing I got to experience this again. I was quite nervous at first especially when I found out my family and some friends were coming out to watch me. But once I got in the arena, everything changed. My husband was there to support me, encourage me and give me tips along the way which meant more to me than anything. I loved every second of it and am so happy and blessed to be able to do this hobby of mine once again. It was also so fun and enjoyable because Brooke got to show in a class too. We entered her in lead line and she loved it. She got first place, a blue ribbon and treats for Cash. I think she was most excited about the treats for Cash. She is such a joy in my life and I am so happy that we share an interest of loving and ridding horses. Luke did awesome through out the day too. He just hung out with Nana, Grandma and Papa. He would watch the horses pass by, it was so funny and so cute. Maybe he will be a rider one day too! After I got done ridding western, my trainer Michelle rode Cash in a trail class and did pretty well considering this was the first time Cash has ever done this class. After Michelle, Brandon showed him in trail as well and did amazing too! He got the same score as Michelle so we were both excited about that. I think I may have to give up my horse some to my husband so he can show in a few classes as well. We are just one riding and showing horse family, and I LOVE it!

My baby girl and Cash ready for the lead line class.

Talking to mommy before her class!

Brooke showing Cash. They both did awesome!

She was so excited to show him!

Brooke and Cash number 376!

Waiting to hear the results!

First place and some treats for Cash. She was so proud!

Mommy's turn to show. Gosh he is beautiful!

He looked awesome and did awesome!

Happy with the results! Such a good boy!

Luke at the show, love his shirt!

Our showing family. Cash did awesome and we are so proud of him!

Unfortunately on Sunday the day after the show we got a phone call at 1:15 in the afternoon to come out to the barn where Cash was because he wasn’t doing well. We got there 30 minutes later, called my trainer and vet. Brandon and Dane walked cash trying to get him to feel better, but he wasn’t drinking and just wanted to lay down. Both the vet and trainer came out and said there was nothing else we could have done, he had coliced. We didn’t do anything wrong or could have prevented this from happening in any way. These things just happen and unfortunately it happened to Cash. Our beloved horse Cash passed away. He was so wonderful and we are blessed to have had such a wonderful animal in our family even though it was such a short time. He will be missed greatly.

We will miss you buddy!


Julia Walker
June 4, 2012 at 10:23 am | Link

Sad loss, but beautiful pictures for memories.

June 4, 2012 at 3:47 pm | Link

What a SAD day it was for us when Cash died – we lost a part of our family. He was the perfedt horse for Autumn, Brandon and Brooke
to love, ride, train on and show! He loved to be hugged and loved on and he loved us back. He will always have a place in my heart.
I love you an miss you terribly.

June 4, 2012 at 5:07 pm | Link

Papa and grandma were so proud of Cash at the show. We will miss him greatly.

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