Today we were just hanging out at home and Brooke ran back to her room to get Luke a blanket. Once she got to her room she tripped and face planted into her toddler bed. Brandon and I both heard a thud then crying. Brandon ran back there to check on her and brought her into the kitchen where I was. When I turned around her mouth was all bloody and I freaked out! We got her cleaned up and noticed she had busted both lips and one of her front teeth was knocked back.

before seeing the dentist, front tooth knocked back

I called my dentist and got no response so we called a kids dentist that is right across the street from our house and they rescued us and were AMAZING! Brandon took Brooke to the dentist and I stayed home with Luke. I was a wreck! Brooke got X-rays and then got to watch a fairy movie while they worked on her tooth. The dentist had to re align her front tooth and pick some bed out of her top lip. Brandon texted me the whole time and said Brooke was doing great. She got “Candy air,” numbing jell and a shot in her mouth. None of which she cared about except the numbing jell, she didn’t like. She got a prize at the end and did awesome.

My brave girl at the dentist

she got to watch a movie while they worked on her teeth! She loved it!

getting her tooth re aligned!

Her teeth marks in her bed frame

She has a pretty bad swollen top lip and her tooth is still loose and a little crooked. Her lip got a lot worse but I don’t want to post those pictures, my poor baby looked so sad! But we are just hoping and praying that her body won’t reject her tooth and will stay in and no infection settles in. My sweet little girl got hurt and it crushed me. It hurts a parent I think just as much, if not more, when one of your babies gets hurt! I am so happy and blessed that she is alright and had a wonderful experience at her first dentist appointment.

This is taken a week after her accident, just a little crooked but still hanging in there!!

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Gerry Puglisi
June 19, 2012 at 6:30 am | Link

Poor baby! That was no fun…but she is a little trooper and probably handled it better than you did, Autumn. Hope you’re both doing much better now.

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