Craft Night

Tonight, I hosted a craft night at my house. My living room transformed into a room filled with tables, chairs, crafts and wonderful women! I had 15 ladies over to make wreaths. Each one of their wreaths turned out great and we had the best time. I look forward to our next craft night!!!

My craft house!

Jeri and her wreath!

Amy and Jennifer working hard!

My BFF, Jamie makes fabric flowers!

Melissa, Kristin, Whitney and Katrina crafting away!!

Haley, My mom and Mickey working hard on their wreaths! Mickey is serious about flower making!

Jenny, Tamra, Rachel and Janna doing a great job on their wreaths!

Ladies Craft Night! SO FUN!!!

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Kristin Hiney
June 22, 2012 at 12:56 am | Link

How cool!! …Looks like ya’ll had a great time!!

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