Fort Worth Trip

There was an Arabian horse show in Fort Worth this weekend and I have been wanting to go on a little mini vacation, so we decided to do both. We made our trip to Fort Worth a little vacation and stayed up there for 3 nights.

We have lived in Dallas all of our lives and had never been to the old Stock Yards in Fort Worth, so we did that and had a great time. We got to watch the Cattle drive and Daddy got a cowboy hat made for him for his Father’s day gift! We did look at some cowboy boots for Daddy but some of the ones down there were priced as much if not more than a months mortgage payment on a house! It was crazy! So, we just stuck with a hat!

The Cattle Drive

Brooke had the best seat in the house!

Daddy's hat in the making

Daddy and his new cowboy hat!

The cool, yet expensive boot shop

We had some great food while we were in Fort Worth. A couple of places we went to were featured on Food Network.

Brandon got the chicken fried steak

and I got the steak

Brandon's plate of BBQ at Railhead BBQ

The horse show was great. I loved being back at a show seeing beautiful horses and picking my winners. Of course it made us miss Cash, especially when I ran into the old owners and told them about the sad news. They had some amazing horses and I think that is what got me to the point where I was OK with looking for a new horse for our family!

At the horse show

We had a great little vacation. I love anytime I get to spend with my family making memories and just hanging out! This is one blessed Mommy!

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