Luke | 6 months old

My sweet Luke is 6 months old! A half a year has already gone by! It is crazy how fast it has gone. I just love my Luke to pieces and love that he is such a Mommy’s boy! He now weighs 17 pounds and 11 ounces and is 27 and 1/4 inches tall! When he wakes up, I go and pick him up and he automatically put his arms around my neck, snuggles up against me and plays with my hair. Oh, how I love it and wish it would never end!

Luke is now crawling a few inches, falling forward then crawling then falling forward. He hasn’t mastered the art of crawling but he sure does get to where he wants to go! He still only has 2 teeth on the bottom, but I can feel 4 on the top. Luke LOVES and I mean LOVES to eat. He loves his milk but also loves baby food and puff stars. He is so darn cute and even tries to feed himself with the spoon. He is great at getting the puff stars in by himself! He knows when we are eating and wants to eat too! He is pretty much on the same eating schedule as we are!

Luke loves to chew on any toy he can get into his mouth, loves to play in his stand up play thing and loves to swing. He also loves playing peek-a-boo and listening to music. His laugh is just the cutest thing and I absolutely love when he and Brooke laugh together or when she makes him laugh. He loves his sister and she loves him. He is such a content and easy going baby unless he is hungry or tired then he can throw the cutest little fit! Once you hold him or feed him though he is good and just as happy as ever. He is such a joy in our lives and I am blessed to have him as my son!

He cried when I walked away, he loves his mommy!!

Mommy is back, now we are happy again!

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September 14, 2012 at 5:18 pm | Link

Such a happy guy.

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