Just what I needed!

Today’s weather was amazing. I just wanted to sit on a blanket, under a tree, by the lake all day. I had to take Luke to the doctor today because I thought he had pink eye. So on the way home, we grabbed some lunch and went to the lake to eat and play at the park. Even though I didn’t have a blanket with me I was fine, but not having my camera with me drive me crazy! The lighting was perfect so I just had to settle with not so great camera pictures! I loved every minute of the time here with my kids. Sitting under huge oak trees, by the lake, enjoying each others company in the cool breeze was just breath taking for me.

Our fast food picnic!

Luke by the Lake

Brooke absolutely loved eating by the lake, swinging and see-sawing at the park. Luke must have enjoyed the weather as well, because he fell asleep pretty fast. Today was amazing not only because of the weather and being at the lake, but because of the time I got to spend with my kids. Sitting by the lake with my 2 kids, being still and feeling the breeze hit our face was the exact and perfect thing I needed today. God is so good and reminds us that even the simple things in life are amazing and wonderful!

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