A visit to the Arboretum

My friend Amy asked if Jamie and I wanted to join her and her two kids at the arboretum today. We haven’t been yet to see the pumpkins so we of course said YES! Amy had planned just to walk around, but soon found out that every time Jamie and I go to the arboretum together it turns into a photo shoot. LOL. We will go one day and I will force myself not to bring my camera so we can just walk around and not make our kids stop and take pictures every few minutes!

Brooke and Luke did awesome and I got some really cute pictures of them! My kids make me heart melt and I just love them to pieces. Brooke had a great time playing with Sadie and faith! WE are truly blessed with some great friends! When I look at these pictures I can’t believe how much Brooke looks like a bog girl now. She is such a fun, smart and beautiful little girl that makes me smile and laugh everyday!! Luke is growing like a weed and I know before too long he will be looking like a big boy and not a baby anymore.

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