State Fair of Texas

This year for the state fair of Texas, I wanted to go later in the day so we could be there at night. I love when the midway’s lights are on and just think the rides are a lot more fun at night. After Brandon got off work, we picked my mom up and made our way to the fair. We of course stopped at the petting zoo, watched the parade,walked the buildings and ate our fair share of fried food.

Our last stop was the Midway and the lights were on and Brooke was ready to ride lots of rides. Once one was over she was ready for the next one. Brandon rode a couple with her and I rode a roller coaster with her. I told her to put her hands up but she told me she was a little nervous. We had a great time and going later on a weekday was the best choice!

Yes we ordered this but maybe ate 1/4 of it! It was crazy FAIR FOOD!

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Jennie Kidd
October 27, 2012 at 12:32 am | Link

I love, love, love all you do with your family! What precious little ones you have! I know one day they will realize how blessed they are to have you both for parents! I love you both!


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