Yesterland Farm

We visited Yesterland last year and I was looking forward to going again this year. Last year we had to leave a little early due to rain so I made sure this year there was no rain in the forecast. Once we got there, we met up with my friend Amy, her son Cayden and Amy’s mom. Brooke loved having Cayden to play with and ride rides with her. Brooke rode their new ride, the swinging ship, they had there this year but wasn’t too sure of it at all. She was all smiles till it started, then her face was serious the rest of time. She didn’t cry but I don’t think she was a fan of the ship. We really had fun in the corn maze and Brooke loved to find the items and get her map punched! Before we left, Nana went on the roller coaster with Brooke. Luke mainly slept, hung out watching everything and was perfect as always! I am sure next year he will be on some of the rides with Brooke! We had a blast and look froward to going back next year!

Rubber Duck Races


Rachel Krauska
October 28, 2012 at 11:11 pm | Link

cute! so fun! I love corn mazes!

November 9, 2012 at 7:22 am | Link

Hi Autumn! My name is Kama Bozeman and I own YesterLand Farm. I am so glad you had another fun family day with us! I love your pictures! Would you allow me to post some on our Flickr page or on our website? Thanks!

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