A Zoo Kinda Day

Brooke and I took Luke to the doctor to get his weight checked and on our way home, Brooke asked if we could go to the zoo! I said sure, why not! The weather was gorgeous and we really didn’t have any other plans, so to the zoo we went. When we got there, we got a front row spot! I was super exited! Then when we got in the zoo, we got to see them feed the elephants and watch the elephants do some tricks. Brooke was amazed! After the elephants, we went to go see the giraffes. They came up so close to us, and even got to pet them several times. Brooke wanted to pet them again, so we bought some food for them to have even more close up time with our favorite animal! After this experience I was so glad Brooke thought of going to the zoo. I didn’t think it would get any better, but I decided to go look at the camels where you can buy tickets to ride them. The camels are typically in the back corner but today a worked at zoo wanted to see the camel and have her picture taken with it, so we got to do this too. We got so many great opportunities today at the zoo, and of course I forgot my camera! So I had to take phone pictures! At least I had that! WE love the zoo and love it even more when we get to do or see special things!!!

Yes, that is a sticker on Luke’s bottom. Brooke gave him that and placed it there at the doctors office!

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