Shopping and Santa

The kids and I went shopping at the fish, also known as Bass Pro for Brandon’s Christmas present from Brooke and Luke. I knew going into the store that Santa was there but also thought since we had seen him yesterday it wouldn’t matter. Well, I was wrong and was told by Brooke that we had to go see this Santa as well. There was only one family in line so I figured why not. I was not prepared for this at all and of course had no camera other than the one on phone of course and Luke had no shoes on, which was kind of embarrassing. I kept Luke in the cart and just let Brooke go and have her picture with Santa, but Santa insisted that Luke come and sit on his lap as well. I then told Santa he doesn’t have any shoes on, and Santa replied, you won’t care in a couple of years. It’s funny how God can use even a Santa at Bass Pro to remind of that we just need to let go and relax at times and not worry about what others will think or how your children look. In the midst of not being prepared or looking our best, Brooke got to visit with a Santa for the second time, Luke sat on his lap with no fear at all, the picture turned out great and God made me smile. It’s the simple things in life and I am blessed to experience them!

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