Christmas Eve 2012

This year we did Christmas Eve a little different but it was good! WE started off by going to church as a family. I had to take Luke to the quiet room because he was being Mr. wiggle worm and did not want to sit still which made me think I was distracting everyone around me. We came back in for the last part of the service to see the candle lite part. I love our church and love having the opportunity to celebrate and worship with my family.

After the service we all came back to our house for dinner. Brandon had smoked his second brisket which was delicious!! We made brisket tacos and everyone loved them, especially Papa! He didn’t leave the kitchen at all during dinner time, in fact never sat down. But we all understood, I think every single one of us got back up for seconds of Brandon’s brisket!

Once dinner was done, we all just hung out, chatted and had a blast just being together. We had family come in from Austin and Fort Worth to join for Christmas Eve and we are so glad they did! Having them here in our home for Christmas eve was just wonderful!! The kids then got in their cute matching pajamas and went to bed so Santa could come to our house and drop off presents to them!

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Rachel Krauska
January 5, 2013 at 11:54 am | Link

LOVE THESE SO MUCH! Looks so fun, their matching pjs are ADORABLE! 🙂 Love you guys!

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