Christmas 2012

After opening presents from Santa and Mom and Dad, Brooke and Luke got many more presents from everyone. Brandon and I started the cooking and the kids began to play and open more gifts. Brandon did an awesome job on the turkey as always and the sides and desserts were tasty as well. Brooke and Luke loved playing with their cousins and it was so fun to have such so many family members over. I love big families and am super excited that we now have a couple of kiddos in the family who can play together! This is Luke’s first Christmas and it was a white one! I didn’t take him outside though for a picture and I am kinda regretting it. It was just so cold and he was already congested so I didn’t want to make it worse or have him freeze for a few minutes for a picture. I took Brooke out for a couple of pictures but that was it. It was so cold. We of course played many games and ended the day playing pin the nose on Rudolph. Brooke thought this was such a fun game and enjoyed walking everyone up to the poster to place their nose. We had such a wonderful Christmas and a White one at that! We are truly blessed with an amazing family and I am so happy we all got to spend it together.

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