Luke | 10 months old

My sweet Luke is such a joy and I can not believe he is 10 months old already. How time has flown by so fast but at the same time he has brought so much joy to our family. Luke is now 21 pounds and 28 and 3/4 inches tall. He is growing so fast but I love every minute of it! He is still a mamma’s boy and I sure do love this. He gets so excited every time he sees me, just smiles, kicks his legs and gets to me as fast as he can. I just love that I light up his world when he sees me.

Luke loves to put everything in his mouth that he can get his hands on. He is such a fast crawler and now has taken a few steps on his own. He loves to stand and I know once he gets the walking down he will be even more non stop. Luke also loves his sister. They play pretty well together which impresses me. He is such a sweet boy and loves to give hugs and kisses, especially to mommy and Brooke.  He is still my big eater! He really doesn’t care for baby food but sure does go to town on finger foods and milk.  I love my sweet chunky monkey and I love holding, cuddling, singing, kissing and hugging you. You are mommy’s sweet boy!

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