Lone Star Arabian Horse Banquet

AS you may or may not know, I show Arabian horses. I love having horses as pets and being abler to show them is just so fun and awarding to me. I am in a local Arabian horse club and at the end of the year they have an awards ceremony. I was called one day in December asking what size jacket I would want if I were to buy one. I was slightly confused but then realized I must be winnign something.

Well, our morning hadn’t gone as we had expected and with Brandon hurting his eye, my mom was my date and support for the banquet. I knew they were awarding top 5, so I figured maybe 4th or even 3rd at best. When those places got called and then 2nd place got called without mentioning my name, I started to kinda freak out. I was thinking either the phone call was a mistake or holy crap, I just won champion in my age division. With my heart racing, they sure enough called my name as champion for the 19-39 age group. I was shocked and super excited. I was so happy my trainer and her husband were able to attend to and enjoy in this excitement! I was also a little bummed that my poor hurt husband missed out, because he was a HUGE impact, support and help throughout every show, practice, training session and watching the kids while I rode.

I still have a long ways to go and a lot of work to do with our horses but I couldn’t be prouder. With our horse who passed away, Cash and our new horse June, they were the ones who made this possible for me. Oh how horses change your life!

My wonderful mom who always supports me in everything I do! I love this woman and blessed to have her as my mom!

Super excited I won champion in my age division!

My trophy!

My amazing and talented trainer and friend, Michelle!

My mom and I with my trophy and jacket! I was so shocked and happy I won!

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