Luke | 11 months

My sweet Luke is 11 months old now! He weighs 21 lbs and 13 ounces! He is such a sweet and cute little guy. I just love hugging, kissing and holding him any chance I get. He even has stolen his sister’s heart. Luke and Brooke get along so well together and just love each other to pieces! The other week Brooke leaned over onto Luke’s cars seat and then fell asleep, Luke then grabbed some of her hair and then fell asleep himself. It was so sweet and so cute. He loves to grab and hold my hair when he is falling asleep so I thought that was super sweet when he did that to Brooke. Luke is really getting brave and taking more and more steps. I have a feeling he will be walking more than crawling anytime now. His crawl though is still quick. That little man can crawl fast and get into things or climb onto things so fast! He still loves food and will pretty much eat anything! He also loves to talk. He is using a lot of gibberish and just talks or yells at us all the time!

He is such a happy little guy and we just love him to pieces. I can’t believe next month he will be one. Oh, how time flies by so fast and how quick your babies grow up. We love you Luke and love watching you grow, learn, explore and talk to us every day!










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Gerry Puglisi
February 18, 2013 at 7:49 am | Link

Precious photos of Luke! He is so darling…wish we could be there for his first birthday but that date doesn’t work out for us. We’ll get down there one day soon!

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