Luke | 1 year old

My sweet Luke is now 1 year old. He is walking, climbing, talking gibberish, laughing, and just one sweet and happy boy! I can’t believe a year has already gone by. Luke is such a sweet boy and such a little cutie. We are so blessed by him and love him so very much!











You are such a joy to me and to our family. Every morning when I walk into your room to pick you up you get so excited to see me and just hug my neck. I look forward to getting you out of your crib every morning. You are still a mamma’s boy and I cherish this so much. You love Daddy too and are so excited when he gets home from work. You go to him with raised hands just waiting for him to pick you up. I love seeing you and Daddy together! You are Mommy’s favorite boys!

You also love your sister so much, love to hug and play with her. You do your best to keep up with her and do exactly what she is doing. A lot of the time I will find you going into her room just to play with her, her toys or to climb into her bed. You two play so well together and truly are friends. I pray for you two and your friendship as brother and sister and only hope that it continues like it is today. You have one special and awesome sister and she loves you so much! I know she thinks you are the best brother and she is so proud of you and loves to show you off!

We have 2 dogs and you just love them. You like to stand at the back door or at the back windows, point to the dogs, watch them and say dog when you see them. I am pretty sure you are a animal lover because any time we are around our dogs or horses you love seeing them and want to pet them. You also love stuffed animals. Your favorites are cats and bears but you pretty much will hug any animal placed in front of you. Again, you are such a sweet boy!

You are also walking a lot. Most of the time you choose to walk over crawling. Crawling really doesn’t happen unless you are really tired but even then, you would prefer to be held. You are such a big boy and love walking around to get where you want now. You still love milk and food. You will eat pretty much anything we give you. You are not a picky eater at all!

You also love to point. This is pretty much how you communicate along with grunting to get what you want. I encourage you to sign “more” or “finished” and to say words, but you are stubborn most of the time and just point and grunt. Your little point is one if the cutest things ever!

You also say mama, dada, nana, do for dog and several other babbling sounds. I love to hear you babble! You are such a sweet boy. I love hugging kissing and rocking you. You are my sweet, precious, chunky monkey, brother bear and cute little boy and I am so blessed by you each day. Happy First Birthday My Luke, Mommy loves you so very much!


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