Cake Show

I heard about this cake show and knew I would want to go to it. This morning though, Brandon woke up not feeling well and I wasn’t 100% but was well enough to go to the show. Brandon decided to go and try and help me with the kids, but once we got there he was feeling worse. We made it through the cake show, but was unable to stay for any of the demonstrations. I didn’t take any pictures of us at the show, only cakes. Some of these cakes displayed were amazing! We decided to go home and just rest for the rest of the day. Well, unfortunately when we got home Brooke and I then got sick, it was not a fun day having 3 out of 4 of us sick. I am pretty sure we got food poison from a local restaurant because that’s the only thing we ate the same and it all hit us at the exact time. Thankfully the cake show was fun that day because the rest of that day was not so glorious!


DSCF4784 DSCF4785 DSCF4787 DSCF4788 DSCF4789 DSCF4790


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