Good Morning!

I was up early with Luke and thought he looked so cute in his pajamas that I would grab the camera and snap a few pictures. He had a hold of one of bunnies and just looked so darn cute. He loves stuffed animals so much and I think him carrying them around and hugging them is one of the cutest things!

I love when Brooke first wakes up, finds me to give me a hug or simply to tells me she is awake. I waited in the rocking chair for a few minutes and heard her come down the hall. I took this picture of her stretching. Although its not quite flattering, I just love it. It captures her looking at me, probably thinking “what are you doing mom” but it also captures her holding on to her favorite stuffed animal right now “Hippity Hop.”

I just love these pictures and how they remind me how special my mornings are with my two precious kids. Lounging in our pajamas, eating breakfast and loving on each other are some of the best things about our mornings!!










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