My girl loves gymnastics and Luke and I love to watch her. She is getting so good at some of her skills! She can now do a back roll on the cheese by her self, a front roll on the floor, a arabesque, tuck jump, several things on the trampoline and much more!! She really enjoys ringing the bell when she accomplishes something on her own! Luke enjoys watching Brooke but really wants to join her and do the things she is doing. He is content most of the time with his snack and drink! Today, at the end of Brooke’s gymnastics class, he got to join her while they played with balloons! We love it at ASI and love her teacher Ms. Carly!


Brooke paying attention to the other class, when she is suppose to be doing her front roll!
Brooke doing her tuck jump!
Back Safety Roll!
Enjoying his snack while watching Brooke!


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