Last Day of Play School

This was Brooke’s last day of Playschool! We have loved her teachers and staff this year and were so blessed by them. ¬†Brooke’s playschool had a splash day where they got to wash toy cars, play in pools and in sprinklers! They had a blast with splash time! ¬†They then had lunch and received their scrapbook from things they had done all year. When it was time to leave, I saw Mrs. Kasha in the hall, as she hugged Brooke and said she was going to miss her, I began to cry. I know it’s silly, but I love these ladies so much and appreciate how great they have treated and taught Brooke! Brandon and I decided to put Brooke in a different mother’s day out program next school year, where some of her friends here in our home town go. The school is also closer to our home as well, which makes it nice! Even though I know Brooke will love it at her new school, it makes me sad to leave such great people behind knowing I won’t see them every week! Brooke loves Mrs. Waleta, Mrs. Tracie, Mrs. Kasha and Mrs. Sandy and we are forever grateful for the impact, love, teaching and caring you showed to our sweet daughter!

First Day of Play School August 2012

First Day of Play School August 2012

Last Day of Playschool May 2013

Last Day of Playschool May 2013










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