Gentle Zoo

My friend Erica, asked us to meet up with her and some of her friends at the Gentle Zoo. We love this little zoo and any chance we get to visit it with friends we are there! Luke really enjoyed feeding the animals! He was brave and started feeding the goats by hand. It makes me laugh because every time we go to the gentle zoo, both of my kids have a favorite animal, the horse. I laugh because we have 2 of our own and they are just drawn to them here at the zoo. It just reminds me of how much my kids love our own animals and no matter where they see horses they are one of the top favorite animals! Brooke and Luke also enjoyed jumping in the bounce house and Brooke got the opportunity to feed a baby goat! We had a blast and ended our time there with a great picnic with friends!

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Gerry Puglisi
June 19, 2013 at 8:32 pm | Link

Cute, cute, cute!

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