Fall fun with Friends!

Brooke and Makenna love to play together and mainly see each other at church. Today after church Makenna came over and Brooke couldn’t have been more excited! The girls played in the play room some then they wanted to play in the shaving cream. They really enjoyed the shaving cream! It started with just their hands then went up to their elbows then they decided they needed full sleeves. They crack me up! After the shaving cream the girls “with my help” made some fall bark! They of course got to try out the components as they made it! The result was tasty and the girls had a blast!












Ingredients for the Fall Bark:
14 whole Oreos, broken up (use Halloween Oreos if you can find them)
1 1/2 cups pretzels – any shape, broken into pieces
16 ounces almond bark or white chocolate melts ( i think I used a little more than 16oz)
1 cup candy corn
brown and orange colored sprinkles

Cover a large cookie sheet with wax paper or parchment paper.
Spread broken cookies, pretzels and about 3/4 cup of the candy corn onto the prepared cookie sheet.
Melt your chocolate or almond bark and then drizzle over the cookie mixture! You can use a spatula if needed!
Sprinkle remaining candy corn and colored sprinkles over the almond bark/white chocolate while it is still wet.
Place cookie tray into refrigerator until set and firm.
Remove from the refrigerator and gently break bark into small pieces

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