The State Fair and Lion King

Awhile back we ordered tickets to go see The Lion King, the musical, when it came into town. Since it was coming during the State fair, we got to enjoy the fair with Nana then go to the show! Brooke was so excited about riding more rides! She was not at all fearful of any of them! Her and I went on a spinning roller coaster, a normal roller coaster, a flying ride and then she did a few more on her own and with Nana!






The Lion King was amazing and our seats were incredible. We were 5 rows from the front and could see everything! Brooke was fascinated and her facial expressions were so fun to watch. During the first act she leaned over to me and said ” I think this is 2″ it took me a minute to realize what she meant but then she said “I don’t know all of these songs.” I then realized she thought we were watching the Lion King 2 because she didn’t know all the songs and she knows them all from the movie. She cracks me up and continued to watch intently!



We almost made it to the intermission when she leaned over to tell me she had to go potty. I asked if she could wait till the number was over or maybe even till intermission. That wasn’t going to work so off we ran to the bathroom. I am telling you this because when we walked out of the doors, there stood about 12 hyenas from the performance waiting to go in for a scene. It was so awesome to see, but we had to run quickly due to a little girl needing to go potty! Once we were done with the restroom, I was hoping the hyenas would still be out there, so we could get a closer look and maybe even a picture. They were out there and we got to see them up close which was so cool!

Brooke loved the performance and we all enjoyed our time together at the fair and watching the musical!

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