Windsor Open House 2013

My sweet girl loves Santa and looks forward to seeing him at Windsor for their open house. We went to the mall to shop for outfits for our Christmas eve attire and she found this dress. I did not care for this dress and told her that I wasn’t buying it because it didn’t match what I was wanting to wear. She then hugged it and said she loves it and really wanted it. I was stuck! Luckily, Nana, came up with e great idea that she could wear it her open house. This was the perfect idea and Brooke couldn’t wait to wear this dress. When we got it home, she wore it and then wore it again a couple days later.



When we got to Windsor, she of course went straight to Santa to see him. When several of her friends came by, she made sure they saw Santa as well and of course got a picture with him! If Brooke wasn’t in Santa’s presence, she was back in the office with Carley and/or more of her little friends. They decided to make Santa cards and draw him pictures. One card said “Ho Ho Ho.” When they gave it to him Brooke said “Surprise Santa” and held her hands in the air. She was so excited to give these to him. She then had him read the cards. It was quite funny to hear Santa read the card that said “Ho Ho Ho.” My girl and her friends are so sweet and enjoyed this night probably more than anyone there!

Brooke with her friends Paul and Ben

Brooke with her friends Paul and Ben

Brooke and Sarah

Brooke and Sarah

Brooke with Bethany and "Big" Brooke

Brooke with Bethany and “Big” Brooke

Carley and Brooke

Carley and Brooke

Luke loves being at Nana’s shop. He just roams around and does what he wants when he is there. Tonight was very different. The place was filled with people in “his” space. When it was time for me to get a picture of him and Santa, he wasn’t too sure. He did ok for the first minute then was done. The picture I got was the moment when that took place. He mainly hung out with Daddy and was held most of the night! He wasn’t too fond of not beging able to run around everywhere.

Luke wasn't too sure at first!

Luke wasn’t too sure at first!

We had a great night and Windsor had so many donations for Santa Cop. When Officer Williams got there, Brooke came and found me to tell me “my favorite friend” was here. She cracks me up with the things she comes up with. She got to help bag the toys up so they could take them to families in need for the holidays! What a blessing it is to teach how to give but also to watch people give with open hearts!

Helping "mommies favorite friend" put gifts in the bag to take to kids in need!

Helping “mommy’s favorite friend” put gifts in the bag to take to kids in need!


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