Disney | Day 8

Today is our last day at Disney and it started with me waking up to Brooke saying “My tummy doesn’t feel good” and then the sound of throwing up! I knew right then she got what Luke had and thankfully it would only last half the day. Unfortunately, today was a day that Disney would be filming part of their Christmas Parade and I wanted to see it and try to get on T.V. We had to check out by 11, so around 9:30 we went downstairs and checked our luggage to go to the airport! We then got on the monorail and I began to feel horrible. Once we got to Magic Kingdom all I wanted or could do was help Brooke when she was throwing up or throw up myself. It was not looking like a pleasant day! So while Brooke and I weren’t feeling well, Brandon and Luke went over to see some filming! My mom took care of Brooke and I ran to the bathroom then would come back to sit and watch some performers. After about an hour of this, we decided this was not fun or going well, so we went back to the hotel, even though we couldn’t get back to our room. I laid by the pool and slept and threw up. My mom had Brooke and took care of her getting sick and Brandon and Luke hung out. It was not how we had planned but it just what had to happen.







After a few hours, Brandon came and told me that our flight had been cancelled. Dallas had a major ice storm hit and no flights were getting into DFW. This wouldn’t have been a big deal, except, Brandon and I had a wedding to shoot the next day in Dallas! We decided to go to the airport early to see if we could get home somehow. After about 3 hours of waiting and talking to other airlines, we were able to book with Southwest and get home late Friday night. Brooke and I got to feeling better before our flight but unfortunately it hit Brandon and my mom right before the flight! It was a tough day but we got home safe and had a great vacation at Disney World!

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