Forney Basketball

Even though Brandon and I have lived here in Forney for almost 7 years, we really haven’t attended our town’s high school sporting events. Since we have moved, our new and sweet neighbor is a JV cheerleader and has given me a reason as to why we should go! I think I was always afraid of not knowing anyone or cheering for a team that I was very unfamiliar with. Although those are silly reasons, we just never went. I am now excited to be going and to be cheering on the school that my kids will most likely be attending when they enter into high school. Sitting with our neighbors is a plus though too! Brooke and Luke love Darby and like I said she is the sweetest 10th grader! We went to the Varsity basketball game to watch the cheerleaders perform at half time! They did such a great job and Brooke loved watching Darby cheer. After she got done cheering she took Luke and Brooke down on the court to meet the jackrabbit. Luke did not want anything to do with the rabbit, but of course, Brooke loved it! Luke really enjoyed watching the boys play basketball and sat contently to watch the game! Maybe we have a future basketball player on our hands!





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