Daddy-Daughter Dance

Our church hosts a daddy-daughter dance each year and this would be the first time Brooke would attend. I helped out during the week to set up the decorations, so Brooke was even more excited because she knew what to expect!

We went shopping and got her a new dress! She loved this dress because she could swirl really good in it! When I was getting her ready, Brandon walked in and she told him he needed to get ready! She was so excited to go to dinner and to the dance with her Daddy! She asked him to wear a tie and one that would match her dress! She really got into this, it was so incredibly cute!

Brandon got her a corsage, which she loved and thought it smelt so pretty! They left and had dinner at a local Italian restaurant, Napoli’s, and then went to the dance! Brandon said, she liked playing with the balloons and chasing the lights that ran across the floor the most. They dance a few times and she played with a few friends while they were there too. I do not think this will be her last Daddy-Daughter dance, she loved it!











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Gerry Puglisi
February 8, 2014 at 1:06 pm | Link

So sweet! What a wonderful set of memories you are making for her!

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