Valentines is usually a crazy time for me, since my mom owns a florist. I am typically up at the shop as much as I can be to help her out. I did help out this year but only on Wednesday and Thursday. On Valentines Day, I stayed at home with my kiddos. Brandon and I typically do not go out on Valentines either. We either go a week before or after, so that we aren’t in crazy crowds to just eat dinner! This year my awesome sister in law, asked if she could watch the kids so we could go out! I was excited and knew we only wanted to do something low key. Brandon decided to take me to Top Golf, which I had never been, and it was so much fun! I loved our date of playing golf here! We then went to North Park mall, walked around and had dessert. It was so relaxed, low key and such a fun night! We even did a little shopping! We had a great Valentines and I truly am blessed and love my husband so much!




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