Brooke’s Ear Piercing

Brooke has been asking to get her ears pierced the past few weeks. I told her that she would need to talk to her Daddy! I was all for her getting her ears pierced but Brandon wanted her to want them and us not make that decision for her. So we talked to her about the process and she said yes, she wanted them done! So we all went to the mall and the place I wanted to get them done at was closed due to our ice storm. So Brooke and I went around the corner to Claire’s and got them done there. Brandon wanted this to be a Mommy and Brooke experience, so he and Luke went to the sports store while we were getting her ears pierced!

Brooke had lots of questions for the ladies piercing her ears. She asked if it was a needle, what their names were and what they would be doing. They first marked purple dots on her ears as to where the earrings would go. I had her redo them 4 times. I just wanted them perfect. They gave Brooke a bear to hold onto during the process, which I was so happy they did this! She held onto it tight and was so brave. They counted to 3 and both ears got pierced at the same time. She cried when it happened but only for a few minutes. Once she saw them in her ears and I hugged her, she was good! She then loved picking out new earrings that she could wear after 6 weeks of these being in!

She was so brave and looks even older now that her ears are pierced! After we were done, she wanted me to send a picture to everyone so that they could see! She could not wait to show her Daddy when he came to pick us up!




Getting her ears cleaned!

Getting her ears cleaned!




Pointing to her earrings! She was so excited!

Pointing to her earrings! She was so excited!

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