Our Grapevine Getaway

During Spring break, we do not really do anything because everywhere is so crowded. So we typically hang around and get creative with activities. This year I looked into a night at Great Wolf Lodge, which is NOT creative, but they only had 3 rooms left and their prices were almost tripled. After some thought, I figured this would NOT be a good time for us to go there and to do something else.

We decided to stay the night at the Embassy suites where they had a indoor heated pool. I knew the kids would just want to swim and this would make them happy, plus be less crowded! We first went to dinner at Babes then went back to the hotel to swim. Their so called “heated” pool was not as heated as I would have liked. In fact, it was quite chilly and took several minutes to get used to. Nana ended up in the hot tub pretty quick. After a little while, Luke’s lips were blue and he was shivering. Brandon and My mom decided to take him out and go back to the room. Brooke didn’t seem to mind the cooler temperature and kept on swimming. We swam for about 45 more minutes and then I was starting to get really cold.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast with Brandon before he had to go to work and then went for another swim. Yes, even though it was cold, I was determined to go swimming again since that is the main reason we came to this hotel. After we swam, we went over to the mall and did some shopping and ate lunch. Brooke and Luke had fun and we all enjoyed our little vacation away to Grapevine.

Dinner at Babes. Luke did not want to be sitting in a high chair!

Dinner at Babes. Luke did not want to be sitting in a high chair!







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