Kindergarten Round-Up

This is a day that I have not been looking forward to. This day means my sweet little girl is growing up and will enter into Kindergarten in the fall. This also means, she won’t be with me everyday and we won’t be able to just get up when we want and do what we want that day. I have and am cherishing each and every day with my sweet precious girl. Even though, this is a hard day for me, I know she is so excited to go to “Big” school with her friends. This also means, I get to watch her learn new things, become more independent, share her love for Jesus with the people at her school, learn about other peoples cultures and lifestyles and make life decisions on her own. These are hard for me to somewhat let go because up to this point I have been by her side her whole life. I have been there to remove her from a situation, protect her from harm or hurt, make sure she is using her manners and being polite. Although, these things I have to let go, I hope and pray that what I have taught her and modeled for her, she is able to show and do on her own. I think I may be more nervous about this change than she is. I do however, look forward to hearing all her school stories and experience this part of her life with her.

As we left the house, I was telling her what we would be doing at her “big” school today. It got a little quiet in the back of the care and she made sure that I would be staying and not leaving her. I reassured her that I would be there every minute and that today was only for us to sign her up and for her to look around at the school. In the car she said. “Mommy, I am a little nervous.” I love this sweet girls heart. I told her, that I was a little nervous too but, God would give us strength and we would be OK! We got to the school, parked and began the sign in process. She was quickly distracted with several of her friends being there and the coloring sheets they had for them at the tables. I love that she has already made friends with kids who will also be attending her school. I know this makes her more comfortable, but it also makes her mommy more comfortable as well.

So, even though this day was not one I was looking forward to, there were no tears shed and my sweet little girl was excited and ready for her new journey to begin as a Kindergarten. Until the fall…she will remain my sweet little 5 year old who is with me everyday! I won’t let that go till I have to!







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