Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt right across the street from our house that I had planned on going to but I started working on a project and Luke went down for a nap. We were going to my moms later today for an egg hunt so it didn’t bother me if Brooke and Luke missed this one. Well, as I was about done with the project, a neighbor asked if the girl being the Easter Bunny could use our bathroom. I said yes, and as she came out of our bathroom as the Eater Bunny, Brooke saw her. She was so excited and yelled, “There is a rabbit in our house.” We then walked the Easter Bunny over to the egg hunt and participated!

Once the egg hunt was over, the Easter Bunny came back to our house to change. Brooke answered the door for the Easter Bunny and was again excited she was at our house. Unfortunately, Luke missed it all, but Brooke’s face was priceless having the bunny come to our house!








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