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I help out with parties and events at Brooke’s mothers day out school and Teacher appreciation week was coming up. The director wanted the teachers to receive something every day that week and so we had a planning meeting on what we could do every day for them. They had pretty much already decided a few things such as flowers one day, a massage one day, breakfast one morning and lunch during another day. I came up with the idea that during the lunch, the teachers would play “The Teacher Is Right” a fun version of the Price Is Right game.

I made up 16 gift baskets for the teachers and at the beginning told them what was in each one. Then 3 teachers got to raise their hand when an item came up and bid on that basket. Who ever got closest to the “Retail” price, they won that basket. I had $210 to spend from the money donated by the kids and so I took it upon myself and some help from my sweet friend Melodee, to get donations from places around our town. We got a great response and our baskets for the teachers became even more great!

I know coming up with gift basket ideas can be hard but the baskets we came up with I thought were creative and fun and so I thought I would share them!

Gift Baskets:
Baking Basket: cookie sheet, bags of cookie mix, sprinkles, measuring cups, spatula, dough scraper, baking spray and oven mitt
Garden Basket: knee pad, garden gloves, garden bird statue, off spray, hand shovel and a plant
Beach Bag: Bag, Sunglasses with case, sun screen, magazine, insulated cup, tanning oil, beach towel
Nail Buckets: Fingernail polish remover, nail buffer, nail file and clippers, nail polish, nail scrub and cotton balls (we also included a gift card to a local nail salon in these)
Pasta Basket: Spaghetti pasta, Penne pasta, Alfredo sauce, marinara sauce, kitchen towels, oven mitt (we also included a gift card to a local Italian restaurant, just in case they didn’t want to cook)
Coffee Basket: 2 coffee mugs and coffee (we also had another coffee bag which included: a mug, tea mix, and a gift card)
Breakfast Basket: 3 different pancake mixes. syrup, kitchen towel, Mixing cup, and whisks (we also included a gift card to a local donut shop, just in case they felt like grabbing breakfast rather than cooking it)
Candy Basket: lots of varieties of candy (we also included a pizza gift card)
Movie Basket: Popcorn, popcorn bags, candy and drinks (we also included a pizza gift card as well)

Other baskets we had that aren’t pictured:
1. Gift Card to Mardel with decorative cross
2. A spa gift card
3. Gift cards for ice cream and dinner at local places
4. A 31 thermal tote with restaurant gift card inside










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