Children’s Aquarium and Klyde Warren Park

Today, I woke up and decided we should go out and do something. I love to plan things last minute and thankfully so do a few of my friends! We called Rylee and Melodee to see if they wanted to join us and they said yes. We picked them up and then headed to the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park. Brooke loves this place because of the sting ray touch pool. She could not wait to show Rylee.

When we go to the aquarium, the touch pool is of course where we spent most of our time. After seeing the sting rays and all the other animals we walked over to the pond. Brooke, Rylee and Luke got to explore and climb and run on the rock paths over the pond. I then spotted a large turtle and it made its way right over to us. I am pretty sure this was a snapping turtle so we did not reach in to catch it!

After the adventures at the pond, we decided last minute to go to Klyde Warren Park for lunch and to play at the park. Eating off food trucks is so fun and the food was delicious! The kids got to play and we just had a great day out in Dallas with our friends!

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