Father’s Day 2014

Brandon is such a great Dad and our kids just adore him. Brooke was so excited to tell her Daddy “Happy Father’s Day” first thing this morning. When I asked what she wanted to get Daddy for Father’s Day she said “a gun.” After some talking, I convinced her of a better idea but she still was not torn away that Daddy needed another gun. We later settled on a water gun for him!

After our family left, we just came back to the house to relax and watch a movie at home. Brooke and Brandon love watching movies and this was a perfect way to spend it together as a family! Luke is getting to where he will watch some of the movie, but he likes to keep moving and not sit for too long! We are so thankful for Brandon and I am truly blessed by him as my husband and as a Father. I truly love watching him with our kids. They love their Daddy so much and hearing them yell “Daddy” when he gets home from work always puts a smile on my face. I love that he is a man of God and our kids have a great father figure to look up to and strive to be like! Happy Father’s Day Brandon!




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