Swim Lessons

Brandon and I decided to put Brooke and Luke in swim lessons this year. Although, Brooke does know how to swim, we thought her going would build up her confidence and it wouldn’t be Mommy teaching her. This would be Luke’s first year to really swim, or learn how to swim. He is a brave little guy and has no fear. He has taken to swim lessons so well. Brooke has also done an awesome job and is just swimming everywhere! Brandon got to go with us once to swim lessons to see how much progress they have made.

Brooke has been taking Level 1 and Luke is in water babies. I am in the pool with Luke during his lessons and pretty much teach him with instruction on what to do from the teacher. They both love to go under water and both can now jump in the water by themselves and turn over to a back float. This is what Luke had to do to pass his class. Brooke also had to do this skill and also had to swim by herself using her arms and also swim while doing a flutter kick and her arms straight out in front of her. They both have done awesome and loved swim lessons!

The picture of them in matching swim suits was from the first day of swim lessons. Before they got in the water each day, they had to stretch and do a warm up. Luke would join in too and it was the cutest thing ever! At the end of our 3 weeks of swim lessons, both kids passed their levels and Brooke got a certificate for passing!









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