Cow Appreciation

Today was cow appreciation at Chick Fil A. I knew I wanted to go but also knew I had a ton of stuff going on at my house and wasn’t sure if I would have time to go. My mom was at our house and it was getting to be Luke’s nap time, so I fed him some lunch at the house and decided to just take Brooke. I dressed Brooke up really quick and her and I went to Chick Fil A. Our neighbor, Darby, was working and so was a few other girls we know so it was fun to see all of them. We also ran into a few other friends while there and so Brooke was having a great time. Brooke got to play a game, get her face painted and won some candy and a toy cow for Luke. Since we both had cow apparel on, we both received free food for lunch!We had a great time and hopefully next year it won’t be so crazy and all of us can go and enjoy this great day at Chick Fil A.










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