Building a Bear and Losing a Tooth

Tonight, we went to the mall and let me just say I feel like they place certain kids stores in places to make moms feel bad. I say bad because every time we pass the build a bear store, my kids want to make one of these and I feel bad that most of the time my answer is NO. Now granted I do love this experience, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time, my kids bedrooms are already filled with 50 other stuffed animals. You may ask, whats one more to add to the 50, well because I can’t part with any stuffed animal that “my kids made.” What a great marketing strategy for them!

But today, I feel into this marketing genuineness and my answer was “YES” and I didn’t feel bad! Brooke and Luke got to make a Ninja Turtle and a My Little Pony. They love these animals they made and I am so glad that today Mommy wins and my kids got a fun treat! After the mall, we met Daddy for dinner and Brooke lost her second tooth! She is so excited they are falling out and even more excited that the tooth fairy will be visiting her again tonight!






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