Lake Palestine – Day 3

This morning, Luke and I were one of the first ones up so he and I went for a walk. I was thinking about the camera all night, so he and I walked back to the spot to see if it may have drifted up to shore. We didn’t have an luck but he and I had a nice walk together! When we got back, Papa had also gotten back from fishing. He caught a couple of fish, so he put the fish back on the hook and had the kids “catch” a big fish. Brooke and Luke were so excited that they each “caught” a big fish! After breakfast, Preston and Rachel left to head back home and so the rest of us went out to ski and knee board. Brooke went water skiing again, Daddy went skiing and Allison and I did some knee boarding. We had such a great time and being out on the lake is such a fun and enjoyable adventure!










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